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Ahoy matey

So as I was typing “Ahoy matey” into google to double check the spelling as I often do (my spelling is terrible), the definition came up, so I had to click on it. Basically “ahoy” means “hey” and “matey” means “sailor” or really any type of person. Since I dressed up as a pirate for Halloween I think the title is quite fitting.

My friend Nicole had a Halloween party at her house this past Saturday and this was my exciting Jack Sparrow inspired ensemble. The sad truth? I owned probably 95% of this stuff before deciding to be a pirate. If you look at my past post you’ll probably spot some items…

These pictures were taken at a lovely beach in the rain on the Saanich Inlet.

Outfit Details
Scarf – Aldo
Feathers – DIY
Earings – Icing
Jacket – bought in Amersfoort
Leather Belts – my Dad
Elephant Belt – the Victoria Vintage Fair
Pants – the Salvation Army
Boots – bought in Amersfoort
Bangles – too many places to count!