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Canada Day Shorts

I’m going to try something a little different today and do a DIY. Since it’s Canada Day tomorrow I figured I’d show you how I made my patriotic Canadian shorts. The whole process took me about 2 hours, but that’s also including petting my dogs, rice cracker snacking, instagraming and waiting for paint to dry while lounging in the sun.


Thrifted or an old pair of pants (I used red pants, but you inverse the flag stencil, I’m sure white would work)
Spray paint
Fabric or multi-surface paint (white & glitter)


Step 1:
Gather all of your supplies and go outside! This is very important, because you will be using spray paint.

Step 2:
Get a piece of card-stock (slightly thicker paper) and cut it so it resembles one of the back pockets of your jeans. Next draw a Canadian flag on the pocket. For this step I went inside, googled “Canadian maple leaf stencil”, copied it, and then went back outside.


Step 3:
Cut out the section of your flag stencil that is supposed to be white. If you have white shorts instead, cut out the sections that are supposed to be red. I made sure my maple leaf attached itself to the edges so may stencil would be in one piece.


Step 4:
Tape your stencil on to your pants. This is really important, because if the stencil moves around, then your maple leaf may not look like a maple leaf.

Step 5:
Find a nice patch of grass in the sun and spray paint your pants. I did about three coats of spray paint and only waited about 5-10 minutes between coats. The spray paint doesn’t go on evenly (while it didn’t for me), so I filled in some sections with a multi-surface white paint.


Step 6:
Let the paint dry for about 20 minutes in the sun, then carefully take the stencil off.


Step 7:
Take your red glitter paint and paint in the areas the stencil was covering. Next take the white/silver glitter paint and paint over the white sections.


Step 8:
Once the paint is dry, you can cut your pants to the desired length. Remember to cut the pants longer in the back and a bit shorter in the front – you have to accommodate your butt! I kept my pants a bit longer and just folded them to my desired shortness. If you are having trouble or have never made your own shorts before maybe watch a few youtube videos.

You’re done! Now you don’t have to go to the dollar store and buy lame stickers and temporary tattoos. So get your sparkly butt out the door and enjoy Canada Day!

Lots of love,



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_MG_9932_MG_9972_MG_9951_MG_9959_MG_9962wearing: lizzy hat from capital iron, thrifted & shorts shirt, necklace from decade, dad’s belt, roots backpack, born boots from the cobbler

I love how these cowboy boots look when paired with shorts or a skirt. Somehow they manage not to shorten my legs and the light leather matches most of my brown belts and beloved Roots backpack. Today I’m going to try and make some Canadian themed shorts for Canada Day this Monday. Spray paint and glitter are involved. Stay tuned.

Lots of love,


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_MG_0224_MG_0329 _MG_0136 _MG_0115 _MG_0113 _MG_0108 _MG_0105_MG_0310_MG_0340_MG_0397_MG_0454_MG_0205_MG_0202_MG_0150 wearing: h&m sunglasses, goatthings ring (worn in my hair), thrifted jean jacket, thrifted shirt, forever 21 skirt, zara sandals, thrifted purse

photos by Carly Dame

Downtown Victoria was crawling with tourists when Carly and I were taking these pictures. A couple from China stopped and wanted to know more about the parliament buildings. When we told them we lived here, they were so excited and started asking us more questions. They kept saying how beautiful Victoria was and I had to agree with them. It is beautiful – when it’s not raining!

I really like how this look came together. The mint skirt picks up the subtle mint tones in my patterned shirt and I love wearing my Goatthings ring in my hair. The skirt is really short, I had to be careful because downtown Victoria can get windy!

Lots of love,


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_MG_9803 _MG_9901_MG_9840 _MG_9850 _MG_9893wearing: Lizzy Hat from Capital Iron, thrifted shirt, Forever 21 Skirt, necklace from Decade, assorted bangles, Born Boots from the Cobbler, Roots Backpack

I got this skirt in December and everything about it screams winter, so to challenge myself I decided to make a summer ensemble starring it and its majestic pleats. Enjoy.

These pictures were taken on my Nana’s farm, or simply “the farm” as my family calls it. The place is magical – some of my best childhood memories took place there. There were always epic soccer matches that only ended when it was twilight and croquet games that somehow managed to be interesting, but ping pong was by far the fiercest sport played. All sports aside, the best part was always seeing my aunts, uncles and cousins. Catching up with their lives over a box of chocolates, acting out funny stories, playing Skip-Bo, feeding the horses – everything seemed to happen over at “the farm.”

Most of the time I’m just as interested in the background of personal style blogs as much as the clothes. The location of the shoot tells the story of the clothes. I’m always somewhat disappointed when I pick up a fashion magazine and their editorial was just done in a studio. Where’s the sense of adventure? I would rather see that same model on the streets of New York or in front of a majestic waterfall in Brazil or on the cobblestone streets of a European village. I think this is why I love blogs, because every day I get to visit a different place in pictures and the background is always interesting.

Lots of love,






DSC_0354 DSC_0357DSC_0451 DSC_0403DSC_0396wearing: zara sandals, everything else is thrifted

photos by Carly Dame

Sometimes it just happens that a whole outfit consists of thrift store purchases. On these days I feel ethically good and bargain happy. So I hope you enjoy these edgy, street chic, badass with an attitude pictures as much as I do.

So my mom was trying to assemble an Ikea dresser today and my dog Callahan saw fit to “help” her. Hilarity ensued with him climbing on top of the box, sniffing the scissors suspiciously, taunting us with a piece of Ikea box he was prancing around with and generally just lying perfectly in the way. I don’t know if any work will get done…

Lots of love,