_MG_0224_MG_0329 _MG_0136 _MG_0115 _MG_0113 _MG_0108 _MG_0105_MG_0310_MG_0340_MG_0397_MG_0454_MG_0205_MG_0202_MG_0150 wearing: h&m sunglasses, goatthings ring (worn in my hair), thrifted jean jacket, thrifted shirt, forever 21 skirt, zara sandals, thrifted purse

photos by Carly Dame

Downtown Victoria was crawling with tourists when Carly and I were taking these pictures. A couple from China stopped and wanted to know more about the parliament buildings. When we told them we lived here, they were so excited and started asking us more questions. They kept saying how beautiful Victoria was and I had to agree with them. It is beautiful – when it’s not raining!

I really like how this look came together. The mint skirt picks up the subtle mint tones in my patterned shirt and I love wearing my Goatthings ring in my hair. The skirt is really short, I had to be careful because downtown Victoria can get windy!

Lots of love,


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8 thoughts on “SUMMER NIGHTS

  1. RachaelCatherine

    I adore this outfit! The skirt is absolutely stunning, I love the colour!
    And fab jacket! :)

    Lovely blog!



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