_MG_0576_MG_0479_MG_0518_MG_0870_MG_0771_MG_0868_MG_0873_MG_0663wearing: everything is thrifted or from the Victoria Vintage Fair

photos by Carly Dame

I can’t remember the last time I wore a completely thrifted/secondhand look. I think this outfit works because all of the pieces are in excellent condition and fit well. For example my blazer is Ralph Lauren and my shoes are leather and made in Italy. The other pictures in this post are of street performers in downtown Victoria and a Friday night market (no, I do not know that man…).

I woke up to jackhammering this morning, was about to curse the neighbours, then realized it was coming from my house. My parents are renovating the basement, so I’m sure I’ll have many more months of being awoken by jakhammers, chainsaws, table saws and other loud obnoxious power tools. Yes.

I went to the Victoria Vintage Fair this past weekend and found a gorgeous beaded, sequin top and pretty white slip that I’ll probably need another slip for because it’s so transparent. There was a summer market next to the vintage fair so I had to sample some ice cream and other goodies.

Lots of love,


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2 thoughts on “NOTHING IS NEW

  1. Annick

    Gorgeous! I love all-vintage looks and I’m especially loving those shoes! Such a good touch to add with shorts! That green top is such a good color as well!

    Love your blog – your pictures are always absolutely stunning!

    Bold Subtlety

    1. Kate Post author

      Thanks Annick! The shoes were such a great find at Value Village, but they were pretty expensive – $26.50! But I couldn’t pass on them. Photography is a great passion of mine, so I’m glad you like it!


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