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_MG_0899 copy_MG_0960 copy_MG_1060 copy_MG_0997 copy_MG_1032 copy_MG_0951 copy_MG_1065 copy_MG_1039 copy_MG_0885 copywearing: true boutique dress, thrifted blazer, my mom’s sweater, forever 21 scarf and ASOS seesaw shoes 

photos by Carly Dame

I went to Sidney yesterday with the lovely Carly Dame to get our thrift shopping on and of course we had to break to snap some pictures of our ensembles. Currently this is on of my favourite outfits; I love the mix of black and white patterns with just a splash of red. I grew up with my mom wearing her Champagne d’Argent sweater when she would go to rabbit shows (they’re like dog shows) and doing chores. It wasn’t anything special then. I didn’t even remember she had it until 6 months ago when I was feverishly looking through her draws for some black tights and came across it. It was love at second sight.

When I find a look that goes together well I tend to wear it for several days in a row if I can get away with it. If I’m seeing all the same people I won’t do it, but different people? Yes. I will lazily grab the same clothes from my floor and assemble myself as a copy of the previous day. This is what happened yesterday.

Lots of love,


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