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JUNE 2013

_MG_9215_1 _MG_9220_1 _MG_9226_1 _MG_9247 _MG_9256 _MG_9264 _MG_9281 _MG_9697 _MG_9709 _MG_9713 _MG_9714 _MG_9722 _MG_9723 _MG_9742 _MG_9760 _MG_9778 _MG_9784 _MG_9786 _MG_9795This is what my June looked like when I wasn’t at work, taking outfit photos, reading Game of Thrones, playing mini golf, or watching This is the End. The first seven photos are of my friend Jen and I hiking to the Goldstream trestle. I almost died running across the highway and leaping over cement medians – sorry there are no pictures. The next seven photos are of a beach day I spent at Dallas Road with my friends Wayne and Jared. The wind surfers are always entertaining to watch – sometimes they get 15 to 20 feet of air and sometimes they wipe out spectacularly. It’s quite the site to see. The last photos are of another hike to the Goldstream trestle, but this time we crossed the trestle and another trestle to find an old railway tunnel. It’s pretty cool, right?

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Forever 21 had its grand opening in Victoria today. It was epic. My friend Lauren and I got there at 9:40 and the line snaked all around the building. We only had to wait 30-40 min to get in, which was bearable. While waiting in line I saw the most badass old man ever. He was driving a shiny black motorcycle with a side car. A SIDE CAR! He also had a magnificent handlebar mustache. ‘Nuff said.
Anyways, once we got into the store it was quite the gong show, but boy was it worth it.

The ensemble I’m wearing in today’s post doesn’t contain anything from Forever 21, but just wait. Just wait.

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Outfit Details
Sunglasses: Decade
Blazer: The Salvation Army
Shirt: Beacon Community Thrift Store
Shorts: Value Village (with a little DIY ripping)
Tights and Socks: Sears
Boots: Regalia (Consignment)

Turned upside down

So Halloween was last night and these are the pumpkins I craved. We got tones of trick-or-treaters at our house! My mom was getting mad at my dad and I for eating a large portion of the candy, but who can blame us?
I know this is kinda late but here is an article about Halloween costumes I wrote for my school’s newspaper Nexus. It features the owner of Victoria Costumes and my stunning photography ;). Click here to read the article online.