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DSC_0354 DSC_0357DSC_0451 DSC_0403DSC_0396wearing: zara sandals, everything else is thrifted

photos by Carly Dame

Sometimes it just happens that a whole outfit consists of thrift store purchases. On these days I feel ethically good and bargain happy. So I hope you enjoy these edgy, street chic, badass with an attitude pictures as much as I do.

So my mom was trying to assemble an Ikea dresser today and my dog Callahan saw fit to “help” her. Hilarity ensued with him climbing on top of the box, sniffing the scissors suspiciously, taunting us with a piece of Ikea box he was prancing around with and generally just lying perfectly in the way. I don’t know if any work will get done…

Lots of love,




_MG_9456 copy_MG_9432_MG_9438 copy_MG_9457 copy_MG_9453 copy_MG_9433 copy _MG_9458 

wearing: Thrifted Blazer, Forever21 Shirt, Suzy Shier Necklace, H&M Pants, Zara Heels, Thrifted Purse

Ahh Game of Thrones with your fun, medieval mixed with fantasy terminology. It took me reading the phrase “Break your fast” several times before I understood it was just simply a longer and much more flowery way of saying “breakfast.” I’m just about to finish book 2, so no spoilers! Luckily I was able to avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague after the season 3 finale aired.

In these photos I’m wearing the coveted black and white striped pants that every blogger feels the need to own. They don’t feel unique on the internet, but in good old Victoria, BC they are. I always get several stares walking down the street in these bad boys. I’m sure you’ll see them popping up again over the summer.

I love taking pictures at the Breakwater and I was glad I took my camera along when my friends and I decided to go last month. Which one is your favourite?

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_MG_9520_MG_9470 _MG_9471 _MG_9505 _MG_9477 _MG_9478 _MG_9482 _MG_9485 _MG_9493Wearing: Vintage Motorcycle Jacket, Jacob Oxford Shirt, Thrifted Purse, Leopard Print Pants, Cole Haan Boots

I spent Mother’s Day in Saanichton at Sea Cider Farm and Ciderhouse. I drove so my Mom could get the long flight of cider (she got to try every cider!), so she could enjoy her day slightly tipsy. We got seated right away on one of there long wooden tables that were decorated with a local artists metalwork. The high ceiling gave the room an industrial feel and the service was warm and welcoming.

Although it was served at room temperature, the Pomona dessert wine was the standout for me. I’m not going to try and describe it, so I’ll let the bottle do it for you: “Pomona is a concentrated elixir crafted by freezing then slowly fermenting crab apple juice, yielding a dessert cider with apple and confectionary notes.”

My translation: “It’s good.”

Have a good Monday,