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_MG_0101 _MG_9881_MG_9828 _MG_9861 _MG_9888 _MG_9934 _MG_9967 _MG_9819 _MG_9752 _MG_9751 _MG_0135 _MG_0129 _MG_0111 _MG_0053 _MG_0035wearing: vintage blazer, dress from True Boutique, thrifted purse, zara sandals, goatthings ring, suzy shier necklace

photos by Carly Dame and me

I got this dress from a local shop here in Victoria and it was 50% off. My Mom and I had just been to the grocery store to buy salmon, popsicles and other perishable foods when she decided she wanted a bottle of wine. As we were walking to the liquour store I decided to pop into True Boutique. It was lucky I did because I found this wonderful dress and a couple other tops. Needless to say the popsicles were a bit melted when we got home, but the salmon was fine.

I decided to fancy up my dress by wearing heels, a blazer and red lipstick. I’m not used to wearing lipstick, so it got everywhere. Occasionally I would look at my fingers, see it smeared there, and panic. I don’t think I got any on my clothes, but I managed to get it all over my teeth.

Carly and I ventured to Fisherman’s Wharf to take these photos in the wind and sun. She had a constant battle with the wind, her hair, and lip gloss, so I was glad I wore my hair up. I imagine I would have little lines of lipstick all over my face!

Lots of love,


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wearing: Thrifted Blazer, Forever21 Shirt, Suzy Shier Necklace, H&M Pants, Zara Heels, Thrifted Purse

Ahh Game of Thrones with your fun, medieval mixed with fantasy terminology. It took me reading the phrase “Break your fast” several times before I understood it was just simply a longer and much more flowery way of saying “breakfast.” I’m just about to finish book 2, so no spoilers! Luckily I was able to avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague after the season 3 finale aired.

In these photos I’m wearing the coveted black and white striped pants that every blogger feels the need to own. They don’t feel unique on the internet, but in good old Victoria, BC they are. I always get several stares walking down the street in these bad boys. I’m sure you’ll see them popping up again over the summer.

I love taking pictures at the Breakwater and I was glad I took my camera along when my friends and I decided to go last month. Which one is your favourite?

Lots of love,