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wearing: zara heels, forever 21 top and shorts, suzy shier necklace, blue jays baseball hat

photos by Carly Dame

Motivation has always been something I’ve struggled with and that’s why I always seem to take prolonged absenses from blogging. However, I met up with Carly this past Friday and we just had to take some outfit pictures! In July we drove by this motel along Dallas Rd. and both had the exact same thought – “this would be amazing for photos!” So two months later here we are.

This is my take on the sporty trend that keeps popping up on blogs and lookbooks of late. I bought my Blue Jays hat when I was in Toronto in August just before I watched them lose epically to the Oakland A’s 14-6. I still love them. But not everyone has love for the Jays. I had a guy come into my work while I was wearing my hat and offer me $30 to burn it. A little extreme, but sports fans are their own type of crazy. All I could do was laugh.

Lots of love,


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